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Friends Only, yo.

As you can see, it isn't really friends only yet, but if you want to read any of my new entries in this oh-so-intresting (lie) life of mine, or any of the really old ones you should comment to be added. My entries are rather sporadic and eclectic.

Don't let the Friends Only sign discourage you. Ever since I hit around 50 friends I decided that if you can find me I will friend you. (And you obviously have found me.) Unless I have no clue who you are and you don't reply, or I have a really good reason not to do so.

By the way, I'm Kes (or Kessica).
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Thanksgiving Request

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you here in the US.

To everyone, I'd like to ask you visit The Hunger Site and its affiliates when you see this, and maybe play a bit of Free Rice if you can.

I may be wrong, but I bet in this economy, the small things matter the most.
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ATTN: Dovies!

First: If you're on my f'list and this makes no sense to you, I'm sorry, please ignore.

D've Chat Reunion

Okay, so I mentioned this elsewhere, and I really think it's a good idea. We'll be using this entry as a place to set this up. Please link to it if you want.

1. The Dancing Dove chat is located right under the subforum for rules and regs. This is where we will be reuniting.

2. It will happen at 11PM GMT January 3rd.

CHECK BACK: While this time isn't too unreasonable for any time zone where a lot of people seem to live, it's also not perfect.

CHECK YUKU: Make sure you remember your account name or finish officially switching over before the chat day. Make sure the chat works on your computer and you can find it.

SPREAD THE WORD: I'm not friends with every Dovie that ever was on LJ, and much fewer through other means. I want everyone to be able to make it.

Also, if people just show up when they can on the 2nd/3rd/4th, that's cool too.
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Dear proud owners of the Y chromosome:

I've noticed lately, that I do a funny thing. When I get to a door before someone, I hold it open for them. Some people consider this good manners.

Now, the way I understand it, it's also good manners to walk through this door and say "Thank you". Granted, if you don't say thank you, it's fine. And yes, it is a little bit of a pet peeve of mine when someone insists on pushing the door open when I'm clearly holding it, but I suppose if that's your thing, go for it.

What I do not understand is why I am running into more and more males who flat out refuse to walk through a door I am holding for them. Nor am I any more capable of understanding why someone would literally push me through said doorway so I could go first. So far the only explanations I have received fall along the lines of "I'm a gentleman" or "That's not how I was raised".

I would like to inform you that I am not a lady. I do not know how to dance, do needlepoint or sing. I am simply a human being who is trying to be nice to you.

I am also not a crazy feminist. If you were to hold the door for me (without pushing me out of the way to do so) I would walk through and thank you. I am, however, a feminist (to where I believe in gender equality) and saying that me holding a door for you goes against your morals is not a fair argument because me giving up the door for you to hold it and let me go through first goes against mine. And, I don't think I'm being silly in saying that your request is a little more unreasonable than mine is.

To take a line from those men who rant about women who yell at them for holding open a door "I was just trying to be polite, so STFU, bitch."

I also understand that this rant doesn't apply to most guys, and that's awesome; keep up the good work.

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Crazy Music Time

So I just finished rewatching season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and during "Prophecy Girl" (the season finale) there's an AWESOME version of the Nerf Herder theme done on the piano.

Since some of you are Buffy fans/music whores, can anyone think of where I can find this song (I tried iTunes, no luck).
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Opposing Change / You can't fix what's not broken

You guys, they're "updating" Clue!

How did I miss that?

The Wikipedia article on all the changes.

That was my favourite game, and I was pretty darn good at it. Rather to the point where no one would play with me after a while. Though that might be because I made people play it so often. ^_^

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It seems like all my public entries are rants, though I think this one is at least better informed and reasoned than my others. >.>
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Support the writers in the strike. Here's how:

Because honestly, this isn't just TV, these are writers, and this is media controlling* corporate America trying to get away with more.

*Have any of you seen the news about this? It would totally help if the writers weren't striking against the people who owned the news media outlets, but so far the most positive non-independant thing I've seen so far is about how two striking writers met at the picket lines and are now dating. >.>
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University of Delaware and racism

I know a lot of you keep up with the news and politics and the rights we have as citizens of this country etc. I'm sure some of you (those of you who don't avoid Fox) may have heard about University of Delaware's "Forced diversity program" or whatever they're calling it. The article that started all the hype

I think this is crazy, and I think it's even crazier after speaking with my RA friend at UDel.

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I'm leaving this post unlocked, if anyone wants to use this as reference or link it to other people, please do, from what's here, it looks like UDel is being judged pretty unfairly.
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Comics and Baseball

So tonight I read the trade paperback of Tamora Pierce's White Tiger while watching the Red Sox win the ALCS. Basically, a very good night.

And because I know some of you read comics and most of you read (both tenses) Tamora Pierce

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At least the game was amazing. Cleveland kept it really close for most of the game, and then Boston just stole it. It was wonderful.