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Comics and Baseball

So tonight I read the trade paperback of Tamora Pierce's White Tiger while watching the Red Sox win the ALCS. Basically, a very good night.

And because I know some of you read comics and most of you read (both tenses) Tamora Pierce

I like comics. I'll admit I'm more into the indie/alt/Vertigo style comics but I also read two of the Ultimate titles (X-men and Spider-man) and am slowly working my way through The Amazing Spider-man. And I really want to read everything Civil War, but I don't have that kind of money. Basically, I have nothing against super hero comics and generally, I like them.

But I'd have to say White Tiger was awkward. I had a difficult time following a lot of the dialogue and panels. No mater which order I tried reading/looking at them sometimes I just could not figure out what exactly was happening.

Angelina Del Toro is a really good woman super hero, but I had an issue with the Hispanic (is it Lantina now?) side of her. It was both in-your-face and superficial. Lots of "La Tigresa Blanca" and "niño/a". I am not Hispanic, but some of the Spanglish was something of a "are you sure?" for me. While I completely understand the Spanish titles for family members (because my own ethnicity has me addressing my grandmother in a language I don't even speak), almost everything else is just. . . it stood out. We also get no hint of what her family's ethnicity is. Just like white people aren't just generically white (especially if they're still using non-English words) Spanish-speakers don't just speak Spanish and come from south of the border. We get no hint of culture outside of slang (which I couldn't pinpoint with my Spanish knowledge) and a big family. Also, her hair shouldn't be black. It's dark brown, okay? It just is.

Honestly, it just took me too long for it to be interested and to actually care what's going on. The hard to follow bit was part of it, but it also seemed very embedded in Marvel Universe and I was fairly lost there too. I was under the impression that this was supposed to help to branch out the comic readership and I was not impressed.

Still, this is Pierce's first comic, and I would have followed it through the second arc, at least, had she been resigned. But I'm not surprised she hasn't been.

At least the game was amazing. Cleveland kept it really close for most of the game, and then Boston just stole it. It was wonderful.
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